Our immersive workshops are transformative journeys for organizational and civic leaders who are willing to assess their own strengths and weaknesses while exploring powerful concepts ranging from building a foundation to a more inclusive future, cultivating a thriving culture to revolutionizing your leadership style. Our workshops are tailored to each organization.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Readiness Workshop

Our Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Readiness Workshop is a comprehensive exploration of key concepts essential for fostering an inclusive and equitable workplace. Delve into the intricacies of Cognitive Biases, Microaggressions, Language Matters, and Becoming More Race Aware. This workshop is designed to empower individuals, teams, and organizations with the knowledge and skills needed to create a workplace culture that celebrates diversity and embraces equity and inclusion.

The Three Cs Workshop

The Three Cs Workshop offers a unique and transformative experience, focusing on the core principles of Culture, Change Management, and Co-creation. Through engaging sessions and practical insights, participants will gain a deep understanding of the pivotal role culture plays in organizational success, the importance of adaptability in today's business landscape, and the power of co-creation for driving innovation and engagement.

Three Vs of Leadership Workshop

Unlock the potential of effective leadership with our Three Vs of Leadership Workshop. As a leader, understanding your style and that of your team is essential for success. Vision explores the meaning and motivation behind your organization, Variety embraces diverse leadership styles, and Vitality focuses on growth and development plans. Through self-reflection and strategic planning, this workshop equips leaders with the tools to build effective teams, align organizational goals, and ensure long-term success. Join us on this enlightening journey of leadership evolution, where self-awareness meets strategic vision for lasting impact.

Professional or Community Partnerships Workshop

Our Professional or Community Partnerships Workshop, a dynamic exploration of your leadership style and its profound connection to communication effectiveness. In Section 1, identify your dominant leadership style – whether you are an Executor, Influencer, Relationship Builder, or Strategic Thinker. In Section 2, delve into your Relationship Couch, understanding the key individuals influencing your professional life. Finally, in Section 3, master the RITCT framework, unraveling the nuances of Real, Intentional, Time-sensitive, Communication-driven, and Trust-building interactions. This workshop is your gateway to aligning leadership and communication seamlessly, ensuring your impact is not just heard but profoundly felt.

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