Leading for Change

We are committed to guiding change within your organization
to be effective and inclusive in an ever-changing society.

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Equity & Inclusion

VerveSimone specializes in equity and inclusion empowerment,
project management in the arts and culture sector
and nonprofit governance consulting.

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Solutions specialized for your organizational needs.

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Equity and Inclusion Empowerment

Organizational DEI assessments and leadership coaching

Workshops & Speaking

Leadership empowerment workshops & speaker sessions to give leaders and employees guidance on new perspectives of different stakeholders.

Non-Profit Governance and Consulting

Preparing your board for systems change, organizational consulting, and nonprofit life cycles

VerveSimone Consulting

Founded in 2014 after our founder, Teniqua Broughton decided to culminate her vast experience in leadership strategies, non-profit governance consulting, diversity, equity & inclusion, and the implementation of management strategies to create the outcome that have always been desired by organizations to achieve success and achieve their goals.

  • Leading for Change
  • Client Tailored Consulting Services
  • Minority and Woman-Owned Small Business

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About Us

VerveSimone Consulting, provides consulting services to individuals and organizations. These consulting services range from project management, nonprofit governance consulting, leadership trainings and other service. Since its inception in 2014 VerveSimone Consulting serves a variety of clients both nationally around the United States and locally in Arizona where VerveSimone is based.

Our Leader

Teniqua Broughton is noted for her impact in both national and local sectors. Leading with passion, she identifies strategies that support the sustainability of organizations by leveraging her experience, initiative, and insight gained throughout her professional career.

With a focus on nonprofit governance consulting, arts project management, and EDI Readiness empowerment workshops. Teniqua ignites creativity and challenges mediocrity to drive desired outcomes.

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Our mission is to provide specifically crafted support for organizations desiring to achieve effective, equitable and sustainable change within their systems. We help organizations better understand culture versus strategy and share values and principles through your actions to foster better relationships and partnerships with the community.

VerveSimone Consulting is inspired by our mantra, "leading for change," committed to guiding change within your organization to be effective and inclusive in an ever-changing society.


Our vision is to be a leader for cultural and leadership advancement practices and equity empowerment tools for organizations across the globe.

Our Services

VerveSimone specializes in creating change within your organization. Allow our services in equity and inclusion empowerment, arts and culture project management, non-profit governance consulting and leadership training to serve your organization. VerveSimone is here to meet your organization where it is and help move it forward to where it needs to be.

Equity and Inclusion Empowerment

Equity practices and EDI readiness is becoming a pillar for corporate and organizational change. VerveSimone offers organizational DEI assessments and leadership coaching to help create and implement a DEI plan to ensure that your goals are met.

Nonprofit Governance Consulting

VerveSimone works with nonprofit organizations of all sizes, we are passionate about the difference the nonprofit industry can make in an individual’s life.


Our immersive workshops are transformative journeys for organizational and civic leaders who are willing to assess their own strengths and weaknesses while exploring powerful concepts, cultivating a thriving culture to revolutionizing your leadership style.


Teniqua Broughton is a dynamic speaker who commands the room when she speaks. Her magnetic presence – combined with her ability to take her audiences on a transformative journey – will leave audiences inspired to take action and pursue their dreams.

Client Reviews

"Teniqua is a dynamic speaker and her ability to keep the audience engaged is impeccable! Teniqua did her homework on our group/organization so that she could deliver content that was intentional and specific for our group/organization’s needs. Her passion for bridging the gap between communities and organizations is inspirational. She motivates others to want to do more.""

– Brandy Labinjo, Arizona Public Service

"Teniqua Broughton brings a compelling and unique set of experiences, knowledge and skill to any arts or non-profit organization looking to truly integrate EDI values and practice and create a workplace of belonging, productivity, and equity for everyone. Whether you are needing to restructure, realize a strategic plan or reposition/rebrand Ms. Broughton’s approach to organizational growth and transformation is accessible, effective, and embraced by entry level to C-suite employees."

– Michael Reed, ASU Gammage

"I have worked extensively with Teniqua Broughton on LOUD! (Living Opera, Understanding Diversity) Season 2, celebrating BIPOC women, artists, and administrators in the field of Opera-a program that I spearhead at Arizona Opera.
Teniqua Broughton is a visionary and understands that it takes a village to create success. She is dynamic, tenacious, passionate, and ready to leave a great footprint on our culture. She is a creative problem solver with excellent collaboration and people skills. She takes initiative, dives in headfirst, and is laser-focused until everything is synchronized. A strategic thinker, unafraid to ask for what she needs, self-inspired as a lifelong learner, and highly motivated across business, arts, education, and politics. Teniqua’ s attention to detail is impeccable, working across complex stakeholder groups, all while keeping the big picture in mind. She is a delight to work with and a stellar contributor to every role she takes.""

– Courtney Clark, Arizona Opera

Why Choose VerveSimone Consulting

VerveSimone has proven experience creating a positive culture and organizational leadership change. Working with various organizations in a cross-sector capacity, VerveSimone applies its motto, “leading for change,” to every decision made for the benefit of the company’s clients. Allow VerveSimone to develop a tailored plan to help lead your organization to change. Allow VerveSimone to lend its vast experience working with governments, non-profits, and businesses worldwide to lead you into change. Re-enforce


Our founder has over 25 years of organizational change experience


Leader in cultural and leadership advancement practices


Tailored plan for your organization

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